Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mr. Robertson, God still loves you

Upon hearing Pat Robertson's absurd comments concerrning the situation in Haiti, my first reaction was that of anger. After simmering for a little bit, and praying about my anger/frustration, I knew that this was probably not the most appropriate response for someone who is trying to share the love of Christ (I'm speaking of me, not Pat Robertson). Since I'm not the best writer, and struggle sometimes to convey my thoughts, I decided I would share a link to one of my favorite authors, Don Miller and his response to Pat Robertson's recent comments. Well said, Mr. Miller, and Mr. Robertson, even in your ignorant, hurtful statements, God still loves you.

Praying for Haiti

My heart is so broken for the people of Haiti. As I continue to hear reports and updates on the magnitude of the damage & loss of life, the utter destruction is overwhelming. I'm donating to Compassion International. Consider donating to them to aid the people of Haiti, or donate to one of many other organizations committed to bringing relief to this country in great need.

Haiti Donate Online

Friday, January 8, 2010

Biloxi Bound

Mike & Shirley (Wade's parents) have been wanting to take us to Biloxi, MS for a while now. I've never been, and Wade hasn't been in several years. Since Mike & Shirley are regulars, they always get free rooms and coupons for free food, so they are hooking us up this weekend! They got us a room at the Isle of Capri, and they are driving so we don't have to pay for gas. I'm not much on gambling, but I may try my hand at the slots (with a VERY small limit). It will be nice just to get away for the night, and see somewhere new. Now, for finding ALL of my warm clothes....the high in Biloxi tomorrow is supposed to be 34 degrees. Maybe we should go somewhere warm.