Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Girl

We found out we were expecting in February, and realized after calculating our due date, we timed it really well! Baby is due October 18th, which is actually our anniversary. How crazy is that? This pregnancy has hardly been without hiccups thus far, but baby is perfect, and growing just like she ought to be.

  • Feb.--found out we were expecting...whoo hoo!!
  • March--miserable sinus infection, visited Primary Doc for antibiotics, where she forced me to go immediately to OB because my BP was high. Ensues panic, OB says everything is fine, and high BP was caused by evil Sudafed. Everything is fine...
  • 3 days later....go to ER, sure that we are losing baby. After 5-6 agonizing hours, Doc says everything looks fine, and to take it easy for a couple of days....whew.
  • May--severe belly pain for several days; Doc says "umbilical need to see a surgeon immediately"; surgeon determines that we should try to wait until baby comes to operate, and just to deal with the pain in the meantime....whew, again. Baby is still fine. Will have surgery to fix hernia 4-5 weeks after baby comes.
  • Late May--hoping to see a glimpse of baby....should we buy pink or blue?? Not cooperative....this baby takes after Daddy, and is stubborn as can be. We'll wait another 4 weeks....patiently (yeah, right).
  • June--Baby still won't reveal the "goods"; Doc sends me to Radiology place for better US.....she was NOT shy at all.....yep, it's a girl!!
  • Daddy doesn't talk to Mommy for 2 whole days....he really wanted a boy, and now he wants to know who is going to help him mow the grass.
  • July--Daddy is picking out dresses for baby girl to wear, and he makes sure they are all LONG.
  • Late July--Glucose Tolerance test....passed. Doc calls to say blood sugar was perfect, but "you're anemic". Makes me leave work and go to the store to buy iron supplements (and stool softeners....apparently they go hand-in-hand).
  • 12 more weeks, and we shall finally meet her!
For now, hernia is not too bad, baby girl moves A LOT, except when Daddy wants to feel her, and I'm feeling pretty good (other than being tired). Feels like there's still a lot to get done, but we can't wait to meet our little one!!

girl parts


I see you!

Profile, with Daddy's round head

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