Thursday, May 17, 2012

Banana Baby

Emery tried her first food the other night...a yummy banana. We can't really tell if she liked it or not, but we'll continue trying new things. We are skipping "baby food" and going a less conventional route called baby-led weaning.

 "Hmm...let's see what this tastes like."

 "This might take both hands."

 "Not too sure I like this in my mouth."

 "I think I will get it out."

 "What, mama? I tried it, didn't I?"

 "Ok, ok...lemme get some more of that."

 "MAYBE, I will like this banana...."

 "I sure do like this water though."

"Nom, nom, nom."

"Hey, cup! Get back here!!"

She's definitely a fan of her sippy cup, and is always try to reach for what we're eating. I think next we'll try avocado, sweet potatoe, and broccoli. Yummy!

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